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What's b00t?

b00t is minimalistic linux system with Zero Install capabilities. It's build on top of busybox and uclibc and, of course, lazyfs a 0install. It contains a lot of 10/100Mbit NIC drivers, so there's good chance that it will discover your network. b00t is a part of proof of concept, nothing what can be usefull to end user, so don't ask me, if you don't know what it's about.

Using floppy disk image

Download floppy.img a dd it to physical floppy device or use it directly from within qemu, vmware or any other virtual machine emulator.

How to create b00t disk?

It's simple. You've got this b00t.tar, so untar it and cd into it. You will need syslinux and mtools. If you have, for example your USB memory stick as /dev/sdb device, you need to perform following steps (/dev/fd0 is of course another, old fashion choice):

WARNING: As i told, this is nothing for newbies, you will loose your data living on this device!

$> echo "drive u: file=\"/dev/sdb\"" > ~/.mtoolsrc
$> mformat u:
$> mcopy ./* u:/
$> syslinux /dev/sdb
$> mdir u:/

You can alter these steps to use mount and mkfs.msdos, but i've had better results with mtools in case of some older USB mem. sticks. You can, of course, place this system on floppy, or any other mass storage you can boot from. There's no need for partitions, it will help when booting from some USB/BIOS combinations. Don't be confused, this steps are just another way as to create floppy image and dd-it to 1.44MB floppy device.

What then?

Try to successfully boot up your b00t linux with networking and Zero install (you will see 'It Worked!' message in this case), then try:

#> chdist Lazy-Jones
and wait for a while. After minute or two you will see command prompt of Debian Sarge linux indexed by 0build without any modification (only small mods because it's running on read-only fs). This is just an example what can be done with Zero Install.

4. October 2004 (updated 23. May 2005)
Brno, CZ, Europe

Jiri Kaderavek